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Solar Power Adelaide. | Battery Storage.

If you are looking for a home Solar power solution in Adelaide, then look no further than Energy Storage Direct.


Commercial Solar Power Adelaide | Solar Batteries.

Daytime business electricity in Adelaide from as low as 9c per kWh*  Why wouldn’t you go solar?


Energy Storage Adelaide | Solar Batteries.

An ESD Energy Storage System will free yourself even further from the energy grid. ESD has you covered.


Solar Power Adelaide For Commercial and Residential.

Energy Storage Direct offers Australia's largest range of solar power and energy storage products. We are proudly South Australian owned and Adelaide based. We service the whole of South Australia and have completed multiple installs from Streaky Bay to Mount Gambier.

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Commercial Solar Power Adelaide

ESD provides South Australian businesses with a unique opportunity to invest in Solar + Energy Storage. Our solution requires no capital outlay with daytime electricity from as low as 9c per kWh.

Residential Solar Panels

As part of the Optimus Energy group, the team at ESD has worked on over 60MW of commercial and residential rooftop solar installations throughout Australia.

Energy Storage Adelaide

In partnership with the world's leading brands of battery technology, ESD provides commercial and residential customers with a range of Energy Storage Solutions to reduce reliance on the electricity grid.

Solar Panel Brands.

Trina Solar Power Adelaide
Seraphim Solar Power Adelaide
Q CELLS Solar Power Adelaide
LG Solar Power Adelaide

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Solar Power Adelaide - Customer Reviews.

Our Solar and Energy Services in Adelaide, South Australia.

Solar Battery Adelaide

Energy Storage

ESD is an Adelaide based specialist provider of battery storage products for homes and businesses.

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Residential Solar Power Adelaide

Solar Power

ESD is a CEC approved solar PV system retailer. We provide solar power systems with or without battery backup.

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Commercial Solar Installers

Solar Solutions.

ESD can tailor solar power and energy storage solution for your business, with no upfront investment.

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Adelaide Solar Energy News.

SA Solar Feed In Tariff Reducing.

SA Solar Feed In Tariff Reducing. We have been receiving a heap of calls of late with customers alarmed that their feed in tariffs in Adelaide are dropping to as low as 5c per kWh. We have created this post to shed some light as to why the tariffs are dropping, and...

Top 10 South Australian Solar Postcodes for 2020 and 2021 YTD

The figures are now in for the top 10 SA postcodes for rooftop solar PV installations 2020/21 YTD (under 100kWp) No 1.  5114   1257 installations  9351kWp  average system size 7.43kWp No 2.  5108   1243 installations 9233kWp  average system size 7.42kWp No 3. 5162   ...

36kW Commercial Solar | Edithburgh South Australia | Accomodation

Particulars: Solar Modules:  99 x Longi 370W Inverter: 3 x Goodwe 10kW Inverters System Size: 36.63kWp STC (rebate value) : $18,722 Maximum Annual Savings: $16,172 Location: Edithburgh, South Australia CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS

11kW Commercial Solar | Warooka South Australia | Marine and Hardware

Particulars: Solar Modules:  30 x Longi 370W  Inverter: 1 x Solis 10kW Three Phase System Size: 11kWp STC (rebate value) : $5,661 Maximum Annual Savings: $4,856 Location: Warooka, South Australia.

9.99kW Solar – Crystal Brook – Hardware

Particulars: Solar Modules:  27 x Longi 370W Inverter: 1 x Solis 10kW System Size: 9.99kWp STC (rebate value) : $5,069 Maximum Annual Savings: $4,400 Location: Crystal Brook, South Australia CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS More Recent South...

How do Electric Vehicles Stack Up in South Australia?

Over the past few months we have seen an increase in our customers asking about Electric Vehicle’s and how they will work with solar.  We have created this post to look at the true cost of EV charging versus ICE. Then the various options to charge your EV.   Electric...