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About Energy Storage Direct. 

Energy Storage Direct is a South Australian business that provides Solar Energy and Energy Storage products to homes and businesses in South Australia. 

We value;

Transparency – We provide complete and transparent descriptions for all of the products and services that we provide. We have invested significantly in our website so that our potential customers can; 

  • View all pricing on most major brands and system sizes with a few clicks.
  • Use our comparison tools to understand the different attributes each different system has. 
  • View accurate estimates of the expected savings from any particular system size. 

Ownership – We recognise that things don’t always go how we expect. We don’t think any business purposely goes out to let customers down, although good businesses empower their people to make decisions when a problem does arise. We pride ourselves on taking ownership of problems, and working swiftly to make things right for our customers. 

Our Legacy – We know most of our customers buy our products to save money on their electricity bills, and we thank them for that. To us it’s much more than that. Our customers are helping an independent South Australian owned business to assist to transition our energy network to a low emission future. A future that we hope will be brighter for all of our children and their children to come. 


Industry Affiliation.

CEC Approved Solar Retailer

The Clean Energy Council is the industry body for the solar and Energy Storage industry in Australia. We are members of the CEC, our installers are all CEC qualified and our internal system designers are also CEC qualified.  On top of this Energy Storage Direct has committed to the CEC approved retailer guidelines. These guidelines are setup to give the consumer the best outcome when installing solar and battery storage technologies. 

We promise:

  • Not to engage in any misleading marketing practices.
  • To act ethically at all times.
  • To provide detailed information, to allow our clients to make fully informed decisions.
  • To offer a 10 day cooling off period for all sales contracts.
  • To take full responsibility for the actions of our employees or contractors.
  • To respond to any problems or complaints in a timely manner.
  • To offer a minimum 5-year warranty for both products and workmanship.

Please feel free to download our full terms and conditions. 

Our Sister Brands. 

Energy Storage Direct is part of a larger group of South Australian owned businesses, who share the same values in their respective fields. 

Heat Pump Adelaide

Since 2006 Hot Water Now has been assisting South Australian’s to move towards low emission hot water technologies. Hot water can account for up to 35% of a household’s energy consumption and resulting emissions. We work with the leading brands of hot water technologies to assist our customers to enjoy a nice hot shower at the lowest cost. 

Visit our website for more details 

Commercial Energy Solutions

Optimus Energy provides a range of solutions to assist South Australian businesses.  The motto at Optimus is to use less, pay less and generate your own electricity. Our team assists businesses to reduce their electricity consumption, to find the best electricity plan and to install the right amount of solar electricity to replace daytime consumption. 

See the Optimus Energy website for more details. 

Bathroom Products Online

We have recently launched a new brand called  XFCTRY. This brand aims to be a no fuss ‘etailer’ of high end plumbing products for your Bathroom, Kitchen and beyond. We believe that water saving can be sexy, and we showcase some of the best brands in the industry and fantastic prices. 

See the website for more details