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Compare Your Solar

Compare Your Solar
Energy Storage Direct has now launched the ‘Compare Your Solar’ feature on our website.

With currently over 300 system combinations from all major solar and battery brands. We aim to be a single point where you can find online prices and the various benefits of going solar &/or Solar Batteries.

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How It Works

How it works

 We are quite the opposite to any other comparison website. Most comparison sites are in the business of selling your information. 

We are in the business of helping Australian consumers and SMEs to receive a fair price & true blue Aussie service for solar power systems and solar batteries. 

With the Energy Storage Direct ‘Compare Your Solar’ offer. 

You deal with us, and only us. 

  • We manage the deals with manufacturers.
  • We apply for all rebates and incentives available to you. 
  • We make applications with your electrical network. 
  • We deal with the finance providers (If required) 
  • We deal with Local Government approvals (if required)
  • We manage a network of local installers. (So buying through us is still supporting locals). 
  • We offer a 24/7 Support system if anything ever goes wrong. 
  • As a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, we offer a 5 year warranty on all workmanship. 
  • We manage any warranty requirements from our manufacturers. 
Why Compare Your Solar?

We launched this initiative to solve a problem in our industry. 

I’m Denny Honen a 16yr veteran of the Solar industry in Australia, I am a CEC qualified PV system designer and I am a co-founder and shareholder of several energy related businesses in the Asia Pacific region. 

Since 2005 I’ve seen the industry that I love grow massively, and in the most part Australian solar users have had a good experience. 

Although there is a bad part; 

  • High pressure salesmen ‘overselling’ to consumers.
  • Desperate companies selling too cheap and not funding their after sales and service commitments. 
  • Poor quality product, with manufacturers warranties worth less than the paper it’s written on. 

At Energy Storage Direct, we think things can be done better; 

  • Australian’s need access to a fair price for solar and battery products.
  • Australian’s need access to a solar company that values service as much as sales. 
  • Australian’s need access to low rate financing options.
  • Australian’s want to support their local installers. 

‘Compare your solar’ was launched;

  • All major quality brands.
  • Online prices on all popular system sizes.
  • Access to the best ‘green financing products’.
  • 24/7 Support system.
  • A national network of installers within 60kms of most locations in Australia. 
  • One company to manage the whole process.
Product Info

6.66kW Canadian HiKu - Sungrow Inverter

Longi - Growatt

6.66kW Longi 370W Mono with Growatt 5000-TLX

Trina Goodwe

6.66kW Trina TSM-370DD - Goodwe 5kW Inverter

Price $5,499.00 $4,899.00 $4,996.00
Solar Size 6kWp 6kWp 6kWp
Panel Made In China China China
Panel Warranty 12yr Product / 25yr Performance 12yr Product / 25yr Performance 15yr Product / 25yr Performance
Panel Optimisers No No No
Inverter Made In China China China
Inverter Warranty 5 Years (upgrade option) 10 Years 5 Years
System Type Solar Solar Solar
Battery Size - - -
Battery Made In - - -
Battery Warranty - - -
Electrical Type Single Phase Single Phase Single Phase
Energy Use Monitor NO – Add On NO – Add On NO – Add On
Production Monitoring YES YES YES
Roof space required 36 SQM 36 SQM 36 SQM
Daily Production 27.97kWh 27.97kWh 27.97kWh
Yr1 Solar Yield 10.2MWh 10.2MWh 10.2MWh
1 - - -