How To Sell Renewable Energy

At 100Green, we don’t generate our energy. Instead, we are focused on ensuring that all our tariffs offer 100% renewable and green energy produced by domestic and commercial generators throughout the UK.

We have cultivated a group of energy producers who are renewable sure of them we have worked with for several years.

There are numerous advantages to making your energy, such as selling things you don’t require to 100Green. When you do this, you’re helping increase the supply of renewable energy and lessening our dependence on fossil fuels.

Investing in a home-generated power installation such as solar panels will help cut down on your energy bills through your energy and earn credits on your energy bill for green energy generation.

Suppose your business can generate its electricity and power. In that case, you’ll benefit from more excellent operational resiliency due to lower dependence on energy imported from the national grid. This will reduce your exposure to volatile markets for energy. In addition, it can serve as helping to cut carbon emissions and is a fantastic message to convey to your clients.

Home and Commercial Generation

We purchase from commercial and domestic generators. This means even if you only create your power in your home using solar panels mounted on your roof or other methods, you could sell the energy you generate to us by putting any excess energy you produce back into the nation’s grid.

Home Renewable Energy Generation

You could be eligible for the Export Tariff if your generation capacity is not more than 30kW in renewable energy. This means that we’ll pay you per kWh for energy produced through renewable. This energy must be measured and, therefore, require an intelligent Meter.

If you’re interested in at-home power generation and want to sell 100Green the excess energy, you’ll need to sign up as 100Green’s customer since the payments are made as a credit on the electricity bills.

If you want more information about our family generation, go here.

Commercial Renewable Energy Generation

A few companies have already found themselves on what is known as An SEG tariff. This is also known as a Smart Export Guarantee Tariff. We don’t offer an SEG tariff. Our Export Tariff is designed for domestic-scale generators only. This doesn’t mean that we don’t buy power from commercial generators. We carefully choose the generators that supply us with energy and closely examine how they can be integrated into our existing generators.

Suppose you’re a commercial scale generator with a capacity of more than 30kWh in renewable energy. In that case, we can help you set up a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for any renewable technologies registered to obtain Renewable Electricity Guarantees of Origin (REGOs).

We can also implement the Gas Purchase Agreement (GPA) for green gas producers registered to Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGO).

The GPA is an agreement with a producer of gas, where they pay for the biogas they inject into our national grid. The RGGO (RGGO) is the certificate you can apply for and granted for every kWh that Green Gas produces.

If you want to know how commercial generators work, visit this page.

Why Now Is an Ideal Time to Consider Energy Generation

If you’ve thought about producing the energy yourself, this could be the perfect moment to start. With rising costs for fuel worldwide and uncertainty in energy markets, generating your energy could help you save money on the cost of energy. Additionally, the government has set out measures to lower investments in the renewable energy sector.

In his budget for the spring, the chancellor proposed the Green Tax Cut that would have the tax on energy-saving materials decrease from 5% to 0% over up to five years. That means that the price of these products could drop. The president also stated that he would cut the red tape to put renewable energy generators in place and reintroduce water turbines and wind as technologies that qualify.

Additionally, you can use Smart Energy Storage Solutions with solar panel installation to get the most from the energy you generate yourself.

What Are the Eligible Renewable Energy Options?

Through our network of independent energy generators, we offer only renewable electricity and green gas that is 100% renewable. We are interested in energy produced through:

Anaerobic Digestion

Microorganisms disintegrate organic matter and produce biogas which can then be used to generate energy.

Solar Panels

Panels that convert sunlight’s light into electricity.

The power of wind

Wind turbines use the force of the wind to rotate turbines, which produce electricity.


Organic matter generates electricity; plants and agricultural waste or other fields produce it.


The use of water that falls freely in which the energy generated by its movement is converted to electric power.

Sell Renewable Power to 100Green via our Export Tariff

If your capacity to generate electricity is lower than 30kWh and you’re looking to sell renewable energy to 100Green, please give us an inquiry at 01920 483 4437.

We’ll require from you:

A photocopy of a passport or driving license to prove ID.

A copy of the MCS certification.

An image of the final invoice or something similar to serve as evidence of ownership.

One line of the diagram shows how the battery is placed in the system (if you’ve had a battery installed).

Once we have reviewed the documents we requested, we will mail you a complete copy of the conditions and terms for your signature.

Sell Renewable Power to 100Green via a PPA or GPA

If you’d prefer to know the details of our agreement conditions and prices, contact our generation team at 01920 483 437. We’re always looking for ethical and green commercial generators.

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