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With the climate change agenda becoming a part of the mainstream, society must take action and reduce the carbon footprint of its community. Our CEO, Doug Stewart, answers some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive as the UK’s only provider of 100 green gas and renewable power.

Many people are using green electricity and gas to meet their daily requirements. For lighting or cooking, heating, or even charging the TV or iPad, around a third of households in Britain have shifted to green energy rates.

How green is 100Green?

We’ve provided customers with green energy for over twenty years. Over the years, we’ve seen numerous shades of green and multiple measures taken to standardize or recognize the quality of our offerings. 100Green (Green Energy UK) is one of the three companies recognized by Ofgem (the regulator of the energy industry) in recognition of the environmental sustainability of their energy sources, sustainable business models, and practices in the time that the cap on energy prices was first introduced within the UK.

We can claim that we are the only company within the UK that offers all green energy and provides all-renewable electricity from wind, solar biomass, and hydropower generation. We have power purchase agreements with generators to ensure we know where and how the energy we sell to our customers comes from.

We are not like other suppliers. We don’t utilize carbon offsetting strategies, instead opting to purchase only verified and independently tested green energy.

What’s the difference between green energy rates?

It’s not just the green agenda we’re looking at; sustainability plays a significant role too.

Three tariffs are available to customers: Sparkling, our standard surcharge; Tide, our tax for the time of use (ideal for EV owners); and the EKO tariff. This tariff offers the option to those who want to take their concept of “green” to the next level by incorporating other sustainability standards. This means, for instance, the electricity is rated for being produced in locations that are not near migrating birds or habitats for fish.

How can I ensure that your prices are green?

Our green credibility is crucial to our business and client relationships. We supply electricity and have a REGO certification (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) for each MWh we provide, inspected annually by Ofgem. In the case of our Green Gas, We have renewable gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs) that have been certified by the Green Gas Certification Scheme. These certificates aim to demonstrate that the energy was generated using renewable sources. Furthermore, EKO’s EKO rate is verified as sustainable with the help of an impartial European Ecolabel, EKOenergy.org.

Why is the 100% green gas you get from us unique?

The fact that we provide our clients with 100 green gas distinguishes us from all other energy providers. We are pleased to be recognized as an individual supplier. That’s one of the main reasons we were awarded “Best Buy” for green energy earlier in the season by Ethical Consumer Magazine.

Green gas demand is increasing every year as of 2017. Since 2017, there has been a 13-fold growth in people being served by Green Gas throughout the UK. This is excellent news because it’s not just more sustainable in terms of the environmental impact, but also will result in millions of tons of organic waste, instead of going to the landfill, let to decay (releasing methane, a greenhouse gas that is 20 times more poisonous as CO2) or incinerated, get used to benefit the environment by heating more than 1 million homes.

Where do you get your green energy from?

100Green believes in the importance of sustainability. We’re committed to helping the production that uses 100% renewable power throughout the UK and are committed to giving our customers an option to choose the source of their electricity and gas comes from. Learn further about the way our electricity is produced here.

We also focus on service and put the customer at the heart of what we do. We aim to respond quickly, efficiently, and with an amiable and helpful voice at the other end. Please find information about our commitment to our customers here.

A combination of excellent service and sustainable energy means that our clients tend to stick with us for a long time.

How much will truly green and green energy cost?

In terms of price, we’re the first to acknowledge that the more expensive costs that come with offering 100 green gas that is 100 renewable electricity are included in our rates; however, we’ve found in the case of a typical family, it’s just the cost of a cappuccino per week.

It’s a small price to pay in exchange for making a significant change!

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