Powering The Home With Smart Energy Storage

Smart Home Solutions Using Smart Energy Storage

Energy bills usually don’t bring us to tears. However, they’re a current hot subject, and we thought we’d have our friends at Powervault explain how Smart Energy Storage can play an essential role in supplying power to the residence in a low-cost, eco-friendly way.

What is Home Energy Storage?

The Home Energy Storage solution works with your solar panel to store excess solar energy even when you don’t use it and then supply your home when needed.

Solar panels are an excellent method to produce power and decrease the need to draw electricity from the grid. The more people who can generate electricity by themselves more beneficial for the environment.

This is why the Home Energy Storage solution could help store the energy produced by your solar panels soaking up the sun.

However, there are smart energy storage solutions if you genuinely want to utilize intelligent systems that can help you lower your costs and reduce your home’s carbon footprintutions.

How Can a Smart Energy Storage Solution Help Me Save Money On My Electricity Bills?

A Smart Energy Storage solution reduces consumers’ energy costs by storing solar energy for free and cheap off-peak power generated from the grid.

One of the things that the users of solar panel installations will be aware of is that PV production is at its highest in summer when household electricity consumption is lower.

However, during winter, solar PV can generate less solar power, but when temperatures are colder, domestic energy use is more significant. Therefore, when deciding on which Home Energy Storage solution to purchase, it’s essential to ensure that it will be able to perform to serve you throughout the year.

That’s where a Smart Energy Storage solution combined with a time-of-use tariff, such as the Tariff TIDE, plays a significant function.

What is a Time of Use Tariff?

The Timing of Use tariff uses a Smart Meter to access low electricity rates at night. The Smart Home Energy Storage solution will benefit from the lower off-peak electricity prices by charging at these periods. The system will then use the energy to power the home and offset any electricity that might have been taken from the grid during “peak” times.

In creating a circle by combining domestic solar PV production, intelligent energy storage systems, and the right Time-of-Use tariff, homeowners will see lower energy bills while decreasing their carbon footprint.

An Example: How A Smart Energy Storage Solution Has Worked For A Homeowner.

Okay, this next section is a bit technical. Still, we’re trying to show some of the sophisticated capabilities available to assist you in managing your energy usage and, ultimately, your costs.

Here’s an illustration of how this was a success for a homeowner with the Time-of-Use tariff and solar PV. This was the second day of February of this year. These graphs were sourced from Powervault’s Customer Portal.

This Smart Energy Storage device was charged at a lower off-peak rate in the evening between 00:30 and 0430, as depicted in the purple.

The home’s consumption was boosted during the early morning hours from 04:30 to 09:00, shown as blue in the graph at the top, before solar PV Panels began to produce electricity, as shown in yellow.

The PV produced some surplus during the day, which was stored to replenish the battery, as illustrated in blue. The energy stored in the storage device was later used to meet the household’s daily requirements.

The customer benefited from lower off-peak prices to optimize their renewable self-generated energy as well as inexpensive imported electricity.

This means that nearly all the electricity they purchased from the grid came at the lowest off-peak cost.

Saving Energy, Saving Money & Saving Our Environment

Smart Energy Storage, combined with solar PV and a tariff for time-of-use, makes a vicious circle that allows families to increase their consumption of solar-generated electricity and use low-cost off-peak electricity, and reduce their dependence on consumption during peak periods.

By incorporating Smart Energy Storage into your home, using solar power generation and a time-of-use tariff such as┬áTIDE, You’re not just saving money. Still, you’re aiding the environment as well. Every household that switches to solar PV, innovative storage, or TOU tariff helps reduce carbon emissions from the UK’s electricity grid and significantly cuts their electricity bills.

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